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APPSTORE: How many downloads you have to make to hit top Travel (Free) category? Part 1: US

We have several apps and we want to share with all of you some interesting information. You can use this data as benchmark.

This post is about US. Here is some data to think:

  1. End of June 2012. To get from 219th position up to 38th during 1 day you need 4200 downloads (remain in top 100 for next 2 days with avrg. 600 downloads per day).
  2. End of November 2012. To get from 314th position up to 30th during 1 day you need 1775 downloads. Next day – from 30th position up to 24th – 1770 downloads (remain in top 100 for next 5 days with avrg. 600 downloads per day).

Do you have any ideas or assumptions about this data?

We have several hypothesis:

  • Your rank (position) depends on your cumulative downloads (from your launch). We’ve launched our app in June. We didn’t have many downloads at the end of June. But in November our cumulative turned out to be high, so our hypothesis is that cumulative downloads is like one of AppStore’s “proof of quality of app”. So, it’s likely to be at the top (if we are talking about AppStore algorithm).
  • Your rank depends on your downloads in previous few days. So i.e. if you have 2 000 in one day, 2 000 in next day and 2 000 the day after next day. You will stay at top X places longer with lower downloads per day compare to 6 000 downloads in one day.

Do you agree? Any other suggestions so far?

P.S. there is an interesting data about it by Distimo.

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