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APPSTORE: How many downloads you have to make to hit top Travel (Free) category? Part 2: UK and Norway

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Previously, I’ve unveiled some data about number of downloads to hit top 30 free in Travel category US.

Today I’ll tell you some numbers about UK and Norway.


  1. Middle of June. From 392th up to 80th position you need only 239 downloads 5 days in a row, cumulative.
  2. End of June. From 271th up to 16th position in 2 days you have to make 1113 downloads 2 days in a row, cumulative.


  1. Middle of June. From 305th up to 1st position you need 3087 downloads 2 days in a row, cumulative.
  2. Middle of June. To hit Top 2 Overall in Travel category from 205th position you have to make only 3760 downloads 3 days in a row, cumulative.

So what do we have at this moment? Your rank, probably, depends on:

  • Country (in different countries different numbers of available apps, thus less competitive environment).
  • Cumulative downloads. If you don’t have many downloads yet, you will have hard days to hit the top.
  • You need to “proof” your quality (=downloads). You have to retain a high download rate next several days.
  • After first launch you have more probability to hit the top (in any country). We have seen some correlation between speed of rank climbing right after launch and in a regular day.

I suggest you to visit Xyologic for more info about different downloads by country and OS. Very interesting. BTW they can give you an estimate downloads for all available apps. For the large numbers, they are close to the truth.

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