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Hackathon: iOS game in 7 days

In this article I would like to share with you the story of creating our company’s first iOS game at a hackathon event, using a wonderful 2d graphics engine Cocos2d. It covers some technical problems, we’ve bumped into, while developing the game, as well as the process of creating the actual gameplay. The resulting app can be found here


FOR MOBILE DEVELOPERS: Mobile OS and HTML5 – future?

MWC 2013 in Barcelona. Lots of updates and interesting information. You can see a show wrap-up video here.

Since we at Empatika work in a mobile development direction, we became interested in the trend towards the upcoming mobile OSs, such as Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Sailfish OS.

We’ve created a presentation that includes:

  1. Marketing analysis (release dates of each OS, their partners, etc.)
  2. Information on these systems: features, technical specifications, framework, etc

In general, it is difficult to talk about their performance, as most of them are available only on emulators.

Our short wrap-up:


APPSTORE: How many downloads you have to make to hit top Travel (Free) category? Part 2: UK and Norway

Image src

Previously, I’ve unveiled some data about number of downloads to hit top 30 free in Travel category US.

Today I’ll tell you some numbers about UK and Norway.


  1. Middle of June. From 392th up to 80th position you need only 239 downloads 5 days in a row, cumulative.
  2. End of June. From 271th up to 16th position in 2 days you have to make 1113 downloads 2 days in a row, cumulative.



FOR TRAVEL STARTUPS: market analysis – trends and statistics

We are living in a very fast growing world.

Not only in technology, but also in travel industry: air traffic will have near 5,3% per annum rate between 2012 and 2016 according to IATA Airline Industry Forecast 2012-2016.

There would be around 3.6 billion passengers in 2016 (comparing to 2,8 in 2012). Are you ready for it?

In this presentation I’ve found many interesting facts about travel market, such as:


FOR MOBILE DEVELOPERS: how to succeed review of your app by AppStore.

You’ve created an app. You are very happy, but Apple have rejected it from the AppStore. Why? Well, there are plenty of reasons.

Here is some results from our meeting with Apple engineers (they have audited one of our app, App in the air) and an interesting article from Venture Beat:

  1. Responsiveness. Apple’s app loading time is 1 sec. Remember this as benchmark. Platinum standard. The limit is about 15 seconds (hard-hard deadline). Test your app not only in simulator (“perfect conditions”), but in real life, on the iPhone without Wi-Fi.
  2. Logging. Don’t forget to turn off logging in the production version. (more…)

GLOBAL RESEARCHES: what is all about?

Dear friends,

In category “Global Research” I will put my own researches in the mobile world. Mobile is very common word in this case. When I talking about mobile I mean everything which correlates to mobile phones, smartphones and etc. But this is only a part of my work. I would also cover trends in different industries, such as travel or automobile (and many more).

I’m a fan of cross-analysis. Butterfly effect. A small change in one place can drive to big shifts in whole world… Our world is a big system. When you change something in one place this would lead a change in other place. It’s only a matter of time.